March 2020

Accendi Luce e Gas UX redesign

A tactical approach to improve the user experience of an energy provider
How to incrementally improve the user experience of an existing digital touchpoint in order to increase the conversion rate?
We developed and evalutated alternative experiences with prospects, to co-design and finalise the ideal flow.
A new version of the website was deployed with all the tactical improvements validated by the users.

The website of an energy company is an essential point of contact with new clients who are looking for a gas or electricity provider. Turning the visitors into clients is a key goal for the website: it needs to illustrate well the different offers and promotions, allow users to easily configure the packages based on their needs and finally proceed towards the finalisation of the subscription. At the same time, the website needs to inspire visitors to consider this provider amongst many others, and highlights point of differentiations such as the presence of physical desks in the supermarkets or the overall care towards the environment.

As a version of the website already existed, we first performed a detailed analysis of its experience and usability, compiling a long list of critical aspects that could be improved. We used the list to draw some hypothesis om how to change the information architecture, user flows and specific visual elements in the UI. Those alternative mock-ups were used to conduct dedicated testing sessions with potential users, following a sort of A/B structure in order to gain feedback on each specific proposed improvement.

Shifting from the real website to the invision mock-up, and vice-versa
Trying to complete a task during the testing session
Testing the digital experience triggered from physical touchpoints

The testing sessions helped validating a set of improvement of the website UX, that could be directly implemented immediately after. The improvements involved aspects such as the offer configurator, to create a module that users could more easily understand and use, and the information architecture, removing a layer that was adding one more step in between the overview of all the products and the single product page. The review helped also create consistency among the different pages, given the fact that were developed in different moments in time generating a fragmented visual experience.

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